Security Consulting & Solutions

We are offering individual Security Concepts, exactly customized to your needs.
Your security is important to us and our services help to provide a safe and secure environment. That allows peace of mind.

Security concepts

Our individual security concepts meet all of your expectations.

Security service

Your wishes are at our command. With our diverse service program we cover all your expectations and find the right offer for you.

Security technology

We are on the cutting edge of technology and use advanced systems to meet all of your demands.

Security Concepts

Everyone describes security differently. In order to best serve you, we work with you to determine your personalized plan for safety. We listen to your needs and take the time to analyze your need for Security Solutions. All necessary measures are optimally matched to your personal point of departure. We always find the right solution to meet your requirements. Just ask us.

Our many years of experience guarantee professionalism and an optimal result. Discretion and reliability are paramount.

Our service

  • Security needs analysis
  • Personal advice
  • Customized security concepts
  • Implementation of the measures

Security Services

Personal Security Services

The foundation to provide a successful personal protection service is to have a detailed discussion with the client and a set up a detailed safety analysis. This is followed by a thorough education on our security measures.

Our bodyguards are highly qualified. We are trained to deal with dangerous situations by quickly identifying the risk and acted decisively in the protection of our client. Any security risk is thus prevented preventive.

Whether in your home, at work or on the go with business trips or holidays - we always ensure your protection. In addition to security measures, we offer escort and security transport services to fulfill all of your needs.

We are characterized by a high degree of flexibility. We are also there for you in the short term and are available at any time to be by your side.

Our services personal protection:

  • Personal and professional bodyguard security services
  • VIP security service for celebrities
  • Escort
  • Chauffeur services
  • Shuttle services
  • Travel Service
  • Personal checks

VIP Service

In addition to our standard security services we offer our exclusive VIP service. This provides a much higher level of security, including priority chauffeur and concierge services.

Our services in the VIP Service:

  • VIP Security & Concierge Service Packages
  • VIP travel companion
  • Chauffeur services
  • Shuttle service & Worldwide Travel Service
  • Personal Assistant Service

Property Protection

The requirements of large properties in regards to physical protection are enormous. There are a variety of risk factors that may compromise the security of both, commercial and residential properties.

We provide comprehensive property protection for you regardless of the challenges. ISS controls the security entrusted to us with a high degree of professionalism.

In order to assess any risk factors in property protection and uncover vulnerabilities, a comprehensive and structured analysis of all potentially hazardous situations is essential. All potential sources of risk are minimized and systematically taken into account in our approach. If there are changes in the environment or circumstances we respond promptly and adapt quickly to your individual security needs.

Our specialists in property protection are also able to determine the proper action for your property and to the right of measures.

Property protection services:

  • Risk analysis, including on-site inspection and creation of a security concept
  • Security Professionals
  • Security guards & Security Service
  • VIP Services & support
  • K9 Security Dog Units
  • Fire safety services
  • Building Services Monitoring

Property protection systems:

  • Camera and alarm systems
  • Input and people control systems
  • Fire protection concepts

Event Security & Services

We provide both event security and services with full support. We also insure all of our extensive services will run smoothly.

We survey and provide an accurate analysis of the location, together with you to create an optimally tuned security concept for your event and take care of the protection of your guests. We also work in film production, where we can guarantee the safety of both participants and equipment.

We offer a special catalogue of safety and maintenance services for your event or film production.

Security services:

  • Risk analysis, including on-site inspection and create a safety and fire protection concept
  • Security Guards
  • Fire safety services
  • Stage and backstage hedge
  • Folder and safety specialists
  • control of persons
  • technology monitoring
  • VIP security service for celebrities
  • Personal protection and VIP Service & support
  • Pedestrian and vehicle access controls

Support services:

  • Hostesses
  • Wardrobe service
  • Chauffeur Service
  • Shuttle Service
  • Parking Management

Event requirements:

  • Baggage and passenger control systems
  • Accreditation and identity management
  • Barriers and Hoops

K9 Dog Units

We provide professional K9 dog units to handle the unique local conditions and to help where the situation requires special protection.

Whether for objects protection, event protection or service for yacht‘s or private jets, we have the professional solution ready.

There are more and more technical aids in security, but there is no devices that are as effective as a dogs‘ biosensor. K9 Security dogs are ready to use. The use of guard dogs with handlers has many advantages:

Advantages of Dog Units:

  • Larger preventive effect
  • Better and ealier detection of danger
  • Faster detection of intruders, especially at night
  • Support for control tasks
  • Successful prosecution of offenders
  • Effective setting of intruders
  • Better defense against surprise attacks and protection of security personnel

Safety technology, camera and alarm technology

The constant technological progress and the latest innovations require a high degree of competence and flexibility. We always guarantee to keep risk as low risk as possible. To do that, we stay up to date on the latest technological solutions.

We already use the latest technology available to find the optimal solution. Our services range from planning and procurement of products, implementation and execution to service and maintain your technical solution. We supply and install not only the latest technology to the German standard, but this project is also functional as an overall concept. ISS is your security and more solution for all your needs, both quickly and efficiently.

We offer the following services:

  • Advice & Information
  • Project proposal & costing
  • Planning & Implementation
  • Maintenance & Service
  • Monitoring systems
  • Online Service
  • Terminated alarm activation
  • Maintenance contracts, including service and free replacement of defective equipment

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